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Welcome to - The support site for the Skedidity App for organizing and backing up email using Gmail.


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What is Skedidity?

Skedidity is an app to help with saving your old Gmail. With Skedidity you can back email up to the Google Drive, clean up your Gmail account and even to trash the email backups automatically when you no longer need them. Also, Skedidity creates reports of the emails you backup and those you delete and gives you an index for the backups you create. It's like mega-data about your emails so you can track and find anything you have... even years later!!

Getting the App

Skedidity s available via the Google Chrome Store for free, click here.

Using Skedidity

Skedidity is designed for Chrome Browsers and works with the constraints put onto all Google Scripts. On any one use it runs for fewer than six minutes. However, Skedidity saves where you are so if your work is not complete in those six minutes, it can continue as quickly as you can refresh it, which is done using Chrome's refresh button.

What does Skedidity do?

Skedidity helps you to organize your Gmail with labels and then lets you back up the content of those emails to the Google Drive as Adobe PDF files and/or as HTML files. With Skedidity, you can back up not just the content of your email, but also capture the attachments while simultaneously archiving the emails so they're no longer taking up real estate in your inbox. Skedidity helps you to clean up your email by giving you the option of trashing reminders, alerts, and other topics that once seen are rarely needed again. Best of all, if you want to have the backups you've created deleted after 6 months or even years later, when you think you'll no longer want them, you have a setting to make that available.

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